Speed bumps are present in many neighborhoods and on streets that see a high number of pedestrians in order to slow down speeding and prevent accidents. While it is a great safety measure, many drivers wonder if speed bumps can ruin their car’s alignment.

In short, the answer is yes; if you do not slow down and drive over speed bumps with caution, they can damage your alignment. This is especially true for low cars that have very little ground clearance as well as cars with low front spoilers. Also, if you drive a car that already has some issues, going over speed bumps without slowing down can make those existing damages far worse.

In many instances, drivers do not see speed bumps in time to slow down or proceed with caution which can result in the damage of exhaust parts, the suspension system, and joints and can even affect your steering. It is very crucial to slow down when presented with speed bumps because you want to protect your alignment and not worry about unexpected damage to your car. While this can be frustrating when driving at a reasonable speed, keep in mind that this is really the only way to protect your car and avoid a trip to the mechanic. It also helps to keep in mind that speed bumps have been placed in certain areas for a reason and are meant to help prevent any horrible accidents that can occur.

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