The transmission in your vehicle is what transfers the power from the engine to the drive wheels. If the transmission and its components like computers and sensors are not working, you will not go anywhere. Vehicles have either an automatic or manual transmission. Manual transmissions are usually sealed units, so you do not have to add or check the transmission fluid directly. Although, you should change it as suggested by the manufacturer. You will need to check and change the fluid of an automatic transmission. As well, you could encounter numerous other transmission problems such as


Like other vehicle parts that hold liquid, the transmission can leak. If you lose enough fluid, your transmission will not work as it should. The transmission needs its fluid to keep it well lubricated and work well. If you ever noticed that your vehicle moves just fine in drive but does not work as well in reverse, that is usually a sign that its transmission fluid is low. You will need to have the leak fixed.

Bad Clutches

If your vehicle’s transmission appears to be unresponsive, you could have worn clutches. The clutch consists of steel and friction plates. The plates do eventually wear down, so the proper pressure cannot be put on the planetary gears, which decide which gear you are in. If the transmission fluid level is correct, but the transmission is slipping, you most likely will need to restore the clutch kit. When the transmission slips, the engine revs up, but the vehicle does not move accordingly.


If the transmission clunks or whines, you should have it looked at soon. The issue could be in the torque converter or planetary gears. Torque converters can be easily replaced, but if the damage is on the hard parts, it is time for a new transmission.

Grinding and Shaking

This is something that occurs with manual transmissions, and it is usually an issue with the gears. That can include grinding when you put the vehicle into gear. In most cases, the manual transmission clutch will require replacing.

Burning Smell

If you suspect something is burning, you need to get your vehicle checked out immediately. A burning smell could come from anything including wire insulation burning on the manifold, oil leaking on the exhaust manifold, or the transmission running hot. If it is running hot, the fluid level could be below, or you may be using the wrong type of transmission fluid. Has your transmission been checked by professionals immediately before it causes more damage to your car?


Like any moving parts, transmission parts will eventually wear down. By performing routine maintenance on it, you can get more life out of your transmission. Make sure you have a transmission flush done at the correct intervals recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. You can flush it yourself, but it is always better to have experienced professionals do it so that you know it is done correctly. Your transmission is one of the most critical parts of your vehicle, so you don’t want to risk ruining it.

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