Brampton Car Battery Charging and Spark Plug Replacement

Tired of worrying about your unreliable car battery, charging and starting? Need to have your spark plugs checked? Come over to our shop and we can do all these and much more for your vehicle! So you can drive a reliable vehicle with peace of mind worry free with big smile on your face!

Here at CARS R US, you get quality and expert battery charging, spark plug replacement, vehicle repair, maintenance, and other services at affordable rates! We are proudly serving clients in Brampton, Mississauga, and other cities of Southern Ontario.

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When you need prompt and professional car repair including electrical repair, battery charging, alternator, starter, radiator replacement, oil change, battery replacement, spark plug replacement, and other similar services, CONTACT US NOW! You can easily reach us by phone or visit us at our shop in Brampton.

We gladly accept walk-in clients in Brampton. To get a faster and more convenient service, give us a call prior to your visit and we’ll have our mechanics ready to attend to your car problem.

Alternator, Starter and Car Battery Charging Replacement in Brampton

Need a battery or alternator for charging or starter for starting? Wondering if charging your old battery would still work? Don’t worry! CONTACT US TODAY and we’ll help you determine if charging your battery or changing your battery is the right solution for your car battery problem.

We can diagnose and pin point your car electrical problem. We can arrange used battery, alternator, starter for your car. We also carry rebuilt starter and alternator with one year warranty or new battery, starter and alternator come with three year warranties to fit your all kind of budgets with affordable labour prices to install.

We have dedicated charging terminals for battery charging and we’ll have your battery ready in just a few hours! Our experienced mechanics will take care of your old car battery and let you know if it can still be good for charging or if you need a replacement for it. We also have good deals on battery charging and replacement so just come over to our Brampton shop and bring your old battery with you.

Spark Plug Replacement and Other Tune Up Services

Has it become harder to start your vehicle’s engine? Don’t wait until your spark plug gives out and you can’t start your engine anymore. Spark plugs are heartbeat of your car. Bring your car over to our Brampton shop and we can check its spark plug. If they are worn out, our mechanics may recommend replacement or if your spark plugs are still in good condition, they might just need a little clean up and you are ready to go! Always check your air filter, fuel filter, cabin filter and ignition wires too, they are also part of tune up.

We have affordable deals on spark plug replacement and other tune up and maintenance services. Old spark plugs are easy to replace and we always have genuine parts ready for different car models. Our replacement parts come in different price ranges so there is always something to suit your budget.


CARS R US is your partner when it comes to expert car care services and maintenance in Brampton, ON. Please browse our SERVICES PAGE to get more details on all our available services. CALL US TODAY to set an appointment for your vehicle. We look forward to receiving your call!

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