Canada is beautiful all seasons of the year, especially during the wintertime. If you crave adventure, love nature, and possess some winter driving experience, a winter road trip is perfect for you and the family this season. The importance of a pre-road trip vehicle check cannot be overstated, especially during snowy temperatures. Preparation is necessary to ensure your journey runs smoothly and you can focus on all of the fun you’ll get to have over the myriad of car troubles you could face.

Ready for the road trip of a lifetime? Before you load the car with the snowboard, boots, blankets, and camera, ensure your car is in optimal condition to handle the winter roads. Cars R Us will help check off everything your vehicle needs to be road trip-ready. Here’s our list of the four things to do to prevent a breakdown on your journey.

Review Battery Life

A vehicle’s battery is especially vulnerable to failure during the winter due to cold temperatures. During the winter, starting your engine can require double the current your vehicle needs during normal weather temperatures. Slowing down the chemical reaction in the battery, cold weather can degrade even the most premium of batteries. To prevent your battery from dying while on the road, take your vehicle Cars R Us mechanics in Brampton to have your battery life inspected or replaced if necessary.

Have Your Tires Checked

You want to guarantee that the wheels your vehicle are driving on are in optimal condition with sufficient tread. If there is any damage to the tire wall or other conditions impacting the tire’s functionality, you may need to replace them prior to hitting the road. Our Brampton auto repair technicians will be sure to check the air pressure in your tires and other features to verify their safety before your trip.

Inspect the Heating System

A cold winter road trip is less than desirable without proper heating to keep you comfortable and warm in your vehicle. Regardless of how many blankets you pack and the layers you wear, lack of heat in the car can hinder your journey. If your heating system is not emitting the warmth you desire or is not releasing any heat whatsoever, take it into Cars R Us and we’ll resolve your worries.

Examine Brake Pads

If your brakes have been squeaky or not stopping when you need them to, you need to take your vehicle in for an inspection. Brake pads should have about a ¼ inch of pad or more on them. A brake system that is worn out can be extremely dangerous in snow and ice conditions, especially if traveling in more remote parts of Canada.

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